Greystone Blinds

Cellular Shades


Elegant, modern, energy-efficient Greystone Blinds shades make them the perfect choice for any home style. The unique honeycomb design traps heat and cold and provides the best insulation for your home all year round.

Enjoy a more relaxing space: Greystone Blinds diffuse light, helping to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Embrace the personality of your home and choose from a variety of color and control options. With many options such as downstream, upstream, wireless, and motorized, setting up your blinds control has never been easier.

Premium fabrics and colors of Cellular Shades

Our Greystone Blinds honeycomb shades offer an unrivaled range of in-depth options. Greystone Blinds are ideal for windows of all types and sizes, from irregular skylights to skylights.

red, blue, and cream close up of cellular shades by nora hansen
brown cellular shades by nora hansen in living room with blue walls

Save more energy with Cellular Shades

According to, 25-30% of energy is lost through windows. The innovative pocket-sized design of the Greystone Blinds Cellular traps air to reduce heat gain and loss. As a result, you save money by helping to maintain a comfortable and stable temperature in your home all year round.


Noise suppression

Do you live in a city or on a busy street? Our mesh curtains can help reduce noise pollution entering your home. The unique honeycomb design trap sounds like trapping heat.



Motorization of Cellular Shades

Automate your home today with Greystone blinds brilliant honeycomb shades. Connect to your favorite smart home devices for easy control from your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy increased comfort and convenience such as scheduling, voice control, and more.

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