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Difference Between Blackout Blinds & Room Darkening Shades

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Blackout shades or blinds are the best and only choice when complete darkness is required. They feature a multi-layered fabric construction that results in a thicker shade capable of blocking out all light. Conversely, most room darkening shades block anywhere from 95%-99% of light. Those who enjoy waking up naturally with the light may prefer to use room-darkening shades as they will leave a small percentage of the light visible in the room.

Diverse Style Selections

Our window coverings are available in a stunning array of colours and styles that are sure to impress. Our top sellers include:

  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Shades
  • Cellular Shades


No matter your needs, we have the perfect window coverings to complement your personal style!

Increase the Privacy of Your Home

Blackout blinds offer unmatched privacy for the home’s more intimate rooms. Installing them in a bedroom or bathroom will enhance the room’s ambiance with a touch of seclusion and tranquillity. As a bonus, the one-way sheer fabric will still allow for a clear view into the outside world while preventing anyone from being able to see the inside of your home. This innovative fabric also has some noise-blocking properties that will add a sense of calm and serenity to any room.

Save Big on Energy Expenses

Research from the U.S. Department of Energy suggests that approximately 30% of the heating energy in a home is lost through the windows. Current findings suggest that roughly 76% of the sunlight that reaches a standard double-pane window will enter the home as heat. The thicker fabric of blackout window treatments helps to insulate the home by blocking heat from getting in during the cooling months or escaping through the windows during the warming months. This means that blackout blinds are the perfect solution for reducing heating and cooling costs year-round!

Why Choose Blackout Treatments?

  • Light Control
  • Noise Proofing
  • Improved Insulation
  • Enhanced Privacy

With such great benefits, it’s no wonder Vancouver homeowners have fallen in love-

with our high-quality products at Greystone Blinds. Give your home the upgrade it deserves and book your consultation today!





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