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How motorized blinds work?

How motorized blinds work?


There are more and more new technologies that make our life easier. This applies even to such banal and familiar things as curtains. Mechanized devices for them make it easier and more convenient to operate. And those who make the best-motorized curtains have long ceased to position them as a kind of curiosity or luxury. They have a very affordable price and a wide range of designs.


One of the advantages of a motorized curtain is that it can follow the shape of the window due to the aluminum profile. This is an excellent option for homeowners with curved and irregularly shaped windows. In addition, modern models are perfectly integrated into the smart home system and can work in automatic mode, that is, raising or lowering the curtains based on the level of illumination.


The motorized curtain perfectly protects the room from direct sunlight, forms an air cushion that retains the cooled air. In addition, the design itself looks quite aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in any interior design. In our article, you will learn everything about this type of equipment, including how motorized curtains are arranged, how to install them and what types there are.

Motorized curtains: how they work

The motorized cornice consists of two main parts: an aluminum profile and an electric drive. In the inner part of the profile, a reinforced rubberized belt transfers movement from the electric motor to the carriage, which, in turn, moves the curtain. The soft toothed belt of the electric drive ensures reliable and quiet operation of the curtain rod mechanism.


In roll-to-roll models, the engine starts the movement of the pipe, on which the web is actually wound.


Motorized curtains vary in functionality and technical parameters, but in general, they have the following advantages:

manual control mode, if power is cut off;

smooth start and end of movement;

automatic switching on upon contact (you can pull the edge – and it will turn on).


A wide range of automatic functions allows you not to think about how to program your motorized curtains. A few buttons on the control panel or a fixed on / off button on the wall are usually sufficient for control.


The motors for these curtains vary in power. So naturally, the heavier and longer the curtain, the more powerful the engine is needed. This figure ranges from 45-75 watts.


As for the direction of sliding, there are three main types of electrically controlled curtain rods:



lifting (Austrian, French, Roman).


How motorized curtains work depends on this.


How to operate the curtain

Control is carried out in two ways: remote and stationary. In the first case, a portable remote control is used, in the second, the remote control is built into the wall or a one-button switch is used. All models of curtain rods with radio control can be additionally controlled by means of wires. For this, the motor has a special dry contact connector. In phase-controlled models, there is also a power line control mode. Naturally, the price of motorized curtains depends on such features.


The timer function is very popular among owners. Thanks to it, you can adjust so that the curtains will close at certain times of the day, thereby protecting the room from sun exposure and overheating. How wide can motorized curtains be? If the room is large, then it is possible to install and combine several separate curtains into a single system. Moreover, their work will be synchronized, and the management process will be centralized.


The most expensive curtain models have special photocells that respond to changes in artificial and natural light. There is practically no need to control them – they themselves go down or rise depending on the level of illumination.


TOP 7 advantages of motorized curtains

Below we have collected the main advantages that distinguish mechanized curtains.


Such curtains have a longer service life since they experience the same mechanical impact on themselves (there are no periodic jerks and twitches).

This is the best option for owners of large houses with skylights or dormers, in which the curtains are mounted in hard-to-reach places.

The mass of curtains, for example, roller blinds, on the side windows is quite large, and manually controlling them can be tedious and problematic.

The runners and the box are made of durable and visually attractive laminated aluminum (a good option for those looking for cheap motorized curtains, but practical and durable).

No unnecessary external controls.

Easy installation without drilling the window frame.

Fully charge the battery in just 5 hours.


How to install motorized curtains yourself

Many users are often looking for an answer to the question of how much it costs to install motorized e curtains. Unfortunately, there is no unequivocal answer to this question, since everything depends on the complexity and features of the design, its length and dimensions. In most cases, it is better to involve specialists in order to perform high-quality installation and connection. But this is not always possible.


Below we give a classic version of the installation of the structure itself, without connecting the electrical part, which does not require special skills and the presence of professional tools. Well, you can find out how to change the batteries in motorized curtains and get other answers to specific questions in the instruction manual for a particular model.


So, first, you need to carefully unpack the box so as not to accidentally damage individual elements or the canvas. After that, we apply the curtain and the brackets to the attachment point and mark the fixation points.


We drill a hole for the one of the brackets, which is located on the side of the electric drive. We fix the bracket with dowels or screws. We insert the upper pipe into it with the side on which the electric drive is located and align it horizontally.


We insert the second bracket into the pipe and mark the place of its installation. Both brackets must fit snugly against the pipe. Then we remove the pipe and drill holes for mounting the second bracket. We fasten it with screws (or dowels), not to the end, so that it is possible to insert the pipe.


So that after a certain period of operation, you do not have to look for an answer to the question of how to repair motorized curtains, during installation it is important to take care of protecting the mechanical part of the device from moisture and dust that enter the room through the window, as well as from soot and steam if installation is supposed to be in the kitchen …


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How motorized blinds work?

How motorized blinds work? There are more and more new technologies that make our life easier. This applies even to such banal and familiar things

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