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Sheer Horizontal Shades are modern, stylish and very functional. They combine the convenience a roller shade with the functionality of a horizontal blind into one simple and elegant design. Sheer horizontal shades are made up of two soft sheer layers with vanes that float in between in them, providing you with total control over light and privacy.

Enjoy The View

Strong sunlight is transformed into soft ambient light, helping you set the perfect tone for the room. When the vanes are open, Light is softly diffused and daytime privacy is maintained while allowing you to view through to the outside. Simply tilt the vanes to increase the level of privacy and light filtering you desire.

Protect What's Important

Sheer horizontal shades provide you with the ability to maintain your view of the outside while significantly reducing glare and harmful UV Rays. The layered fabric will help protect items the interior of your home from fading and discolouring over time by reducing the effects of prolonged sun exposure.

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