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Greystone Blinds Canada’s Designer vertical  blinds are a great new alternative choice to Vertical blinds.  These Designer That Vertical  blinds are ideal if you are looking for a combination of a smooth Fabric finish with the exceptional low maintenance and durability of Blinds . Available in a wide choice of stains and colors. Get the best of both worlds with this blinds product that gives your home the same great feel as does a vertical look of your blinds do


The panels of vertical blinds can be with pictures or patterns. Vegetable, geometric and abstract prints are accepted. Stripes are also used. The choice of the pattern should be made following the basic interior design.

Vertical blinds have some unique features. A headrail can be attached on top of the profile, covering the gaps between the top of the structure and the slats. For installation, you have to use special brackets.

The system control device is located on the right or left. A string is used to move the elements, and a chain to rotate. The slats are displaced in the open state to keep the structure on the same level.


Size 32×32 -More sizes available Now !

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