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What is Zebra roller blinds


Blinds are among those familiar things that are found in almost every home. But “Zebra” roller blinds are already an improved type of blinds. Thanks to them, you can conveniently adjust the level of dimming and illumination.


What is Zebra roller blinds

Such blinds are a structure of transparent and opaque horizontal stripes alternating with each other. The design consists of two canvases, when displaced relative to each other, the level of natural light is adjusted.


What is Zebra blinds : classification by design

By the type of a roll mechanism, such blinds are open (the canvas simply rolls up into a roll and remains in sight) and cassette (the roll is rolled into a special plastic box).


There are two options for the guide system. Mini – in this system there is a roll mechanism and a magnet (optional) to fix the lower part of the canvas. Such models can be mounted directly on plastic windows. The uni system is equipped with flat or T-shaped vertical guides that allow opening the window sash in ventilation mode. In this case, the canvas does not sag.


How Zebra roller blinds work

The essence of the work is simple and intuitive from the first experience of use. The displacement of the canvases until the transparent stripes coincide allows the room to be illuminated as much as possible. And when the transparent stripes are completely overlapped by the opaque ones, a complete blackout occurs. If you adjust the height of the canvases more accurately, you can achieve intermediate results, that is, more saturated or dim lighting.


From a constructive point of view, “Zebra” is no different from other roller blinds, that is, if necessary, it can be rolled up. For this, there is a special chain with a latch or an electric drive.


How Zebra Wireless Curtains Work

Such curtains are powered by an electric drive, therefore they do not require any mechanical action to control. You can open and close them with just one touch. The following methods are used for control:

● wall switch (touch or mechanical);      

● remote control;      

● application for a smartphone;      

● voice control of the smartphone.      


Of course, the functionality depends on the features of a particular model. Modern models even allow you to program the operation of the blinds for opening and closing, as well as integrate into the smart home system.


The essence of the technology is to install an electric drive in the inner part of the shaft, which winds the web. It is the electric drive that drives the shaft according to the signal from the control source. From a constructive point of view, it is an aluminum tube with a motor inside. Due to the rotation of the shank of the electric motor shaft, the fabric is wound onto the pipe.


How to install zebra blinds inside the mount

The elements required for installation are a special cornice and a universal mount. They are usually included in the package. Blinds can be installed on the following surfaces:

● ceiling;      

● wall;      

● slope.      


Fastening is carried out using self-tapping screws and a mounting profile. When installing in a frame, you do not need to drill plastic; special clips or double-sided foam tape are used for installation. Installation must be carried out in such a way that ventilation can be carried out without difficulty.


How to clean fabric blinds “Zebra”

Fabric roller blinds do not require too frequent and careful maintenance. Even at the manufacturing stage, they are treated with a special solution that protects the surface from the accumulation of dirt and dust.


In general, there are two cleaning methods: dry and wet. Ordinary dust can be brushed off with a dry method, such as a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment. However, for more difficult stains, you will need a sponge and a mild detergent (chlorine-free). For tough stains, you can use a natural stain remover. Naturally, in rooms such as the kitchen, you will have to take care of the blinds more often, since the canvas will more often be exposed to changes in temperature, drafts, odors and moisture.


In this case, you can not rub, wrinkle and twist the canvas. Otherwise, under the influence of moisture and mechanical forces, the canvas may deform. It should also be clarified that you can fully use the blinds only after the canvas is completely dry.


What are Zebra blinds made of?

The linen is usually made of polyester and polyester, which are antiseptic materials. The canvas is durable enough, does not fade in the sun and does not collect dust. The material comes in different densities:

● translucent;      

● semi-darkening (medium density);      

● blackout (high density).      


The main structure is made of steel, plastic and aluminum. As for the colors of the fittings, there are usually four of them: white, black, gray, brown. The cassette system has a wider variety of shades: silver, gold, dark walnut, light oak.             


What are the best Zebra curtains : features of choice

There are many manufacturers of mechanisms, fabrics and accessories. Therefore, choosing a brand with excellent product quality is not a problem. When choosing the best option, you should focus on the features of the interior design. Blinds can be both neutral and accent elements. After all, there are not only monochrome models, but also with a pattern. They can also be perfectly combined with traditional curtains and curtains.


The best blinds are those that are comfortable to use every day. Therefore, it is optimal to choose models with an electric drive and convenient control, for example, remote.


In terms of design, closed systems are considered more practical. First, they look more holistic from an aesthetic point of view. Secondly, they protect the mechanism and the blade from the ingress of dirt and dust particles, thereby contributing to the extension of the service life.

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