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Classic blinds are gradually going out of fashion, standard blinds make an office out of the room, and roller blinds sometimes look too unpretentious. The way out of the situation when you want to decorate the window more practically and stylishly is to purchase day-night blinds.

Their difference from roller blinds, to the category of which they essentially belong, is that the design includes not one continuous canvas, but two – with transparent and opaque stripes.


Sheer stripes are usually made of silk, tulle, and other materials visually similar to dense mesh. Opaque stripes are made from both natural and synthetic materials of various textures. Window blinds Zebra has a very different design and coating options: matte, glossy, patterned, monochromatic.




Light Control

Want more light? The alternating sheer and solid material will allow you to control light much like the slats of a conventional blind. If you are looking to blackout light from a children’s room or Media room, selecting a room-darkening fabric is a great option. If you have windows that are very large or hard to reach our Zebra Shades can be motorized and controlled conveniently from your phone or tablet.


Zebra Shades constructed using a pliable, stain resistance Anti-Static polyester material that repels dirt and dust, making them much easier to clean the other types of shades. Rest assured that your Zebra Shades will look and operate like new for many years to come.

 To keep the Zebra Shades clean, it is enough to wipe them with a damp sponge periodically.


The principle of operation of such blinds is quite simple. If you pull on the chain linked to the shaft located at the top of the structure, the blades begin to move relative to each other or wind around it. It is not difficult to guess that when the transparent stripes coincide, more light enters the room, and it becomes darker when they intersect with the translucent ones.

Zebra Blinds in Vancouver

Thanks to the interesting design, the blinds harmoniously fit into any modern interior. They look especially good in the popular urban styles of minimalism, loft and hi-tech. Horizontal blinds of this type are manufactured in two versions – closed and open.


The closed structure has a special box in which the canvas is placed when it is rolled up. Additionally, it protects against dust, dirt and moisture from entering the surface of the web. As you might guess from the name, the open type does not have such a box, therefore, the shaft with the canvas is always in sight.


Double blinds on windows are usually mounted either on the window sash or against the wall. The specific installation method depends on their dimensions. Blinds of large length and width are best fixed on the ceiling, medium-sized – on the wall. Small (standard) models are attached to the window frame.


Fasteners for such systems are aluminum or plastic. For large windows, available window coverings are made with a metal frame to avoid plastic sagging under the weight of the canvas. At the bottom of the web there is a special weighting bar, thanks to which it is always in a taut state and is evenly wound on the shaft.

The blade is very wear-resistant and can withstand prolonged mechanical stress. Moreover, it does not require frequent personal care, as it is impregnated with special agents that have antistatic and dust repellent properties. 

Zebra Wireless Blinds

If your windows are in a hard-to-reach place, if they are large or you just prefer convenience and practicality, then the model with electric drive and remote control will be an excellent choice. The advantage of such blinds is that no mechanical forces are required to raise and lower the web (pull on the chain). To control it, just press the desired button on the remote control.


As we said, the design fits perfectly into any interior design. For example, Zebra’s translucent hues work well with vibrant and vibrant wallpaper and wall colors. It should be noted that blinds can be used both separately and as an addition to curtains.


Wireless Zebra Blinds are a great option for a child’s room. The kid will not pull the mechanical chain, and therefore there is no risk of damaging the structure. They are also convenient for use in the kitchen, where hands are often busy. Classic white zebra blinds are generally a universal option for a room for any purpose.


When choosing suitable shades, it is also necessary to consider the contrast between the color of the mesh and the fabric. This factor is quite significant if color solutions in the interior are important to you. After all, passing the sun’s rays, a canvas of light shades often becomes even lighter.

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